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Our Mission is to help smokers "kick the habit" and share our

knowledge and experience with medically minded individuals to help

them successfully add our program to their existing practice.


I have been contacted by many medical professionals that have purchased a laser and attended a few hours of training only to get back to their office and realize they are not adequately prepared to help others "kick the habit".  I am here to help you make smoking cessation work for you and your practice.   

After 30 years of smoking and over six years of running my laser therapy business, I have continually achieved over a 70% success rate with our smoking clients.  Once you have the laser equipment it is equally important to have the proper protocol to perform for optimum results.   There are also FDA/IRB requirements even for medical professionals in the US.   I can help you streamline this process, keep you compliant and effective with smoking cessation and weight control.  

Training programs are very flexible and can be customized to meet your expertise level and schedule.  I offer skype training and face to face training.  Training sessions vary from 1-2 days depending on your individual needs.  My fees are very reasonable and include my successful smoking cessation protocol and training manual.  Call me to discuss your needs.

Lisa Stone, Founder

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Laser Solutions Training program is based in Lexington, KY 

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