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Smoking has been a habit I've had a love-hate relationship with since my days as a WKU student. What was "no big deal" 30 years ago became an addiction and life-style I physically couldn't quit. As my adult life unfolded, I learned the medical, financial and logistical reasons quitting would benefit me. Not to mention it was becoming increasingly difficult to find an "acceptable" place to smoke. I had tried patches, gums, hypnosis and cold turkey all with no success.

I heard of laser therapy to quit smoking and was really skeptical, but I decided "What do I have to lose?" I was amazed by the ease and total freedom I found in this method in the first couple of days. My passion is so true I opened the laser center in Bowling Green, KY in 2006 and a second location in 2009 for others to discover a new, natural way to quit smoking.   Laser Solutions proudly participates in Clinical Research Trials per FDA guidelines.

2010 found me heading into the training direction for smoking cessation and weight control throughout U.S. and Canada. Training requests and increased business demand required me to turn over my Bowling Green, KY location to Rhonda Miller, RRT in 2012.   Rhonda has been with me since opening in 2006 and is a licensed respiratory therapist for over 20+ years with tremendous clinical and laser therapy expertise. 

It is amazing how the laser business has grown over the last few years, and we're so passionate about helping this method be available in every state across the US. Let us help you "kick the habit" today at our Bowling Green, Kentucky location.  Or, contact me directly at 859-608-9070 if you need assistance with opening your own center or updating your smoking cessation protocol.

Lisa Stone, Founder

Laser Solutions 859-608-9070




  Spivey = 2.5 pks/45 yrs       Gigi = 1 pk/25 yrs             Chance = 1.5 pks/20yrs

  Quit date:  6/18/07               Quit date:   8/14/07           Quit date: 07/05/2006                                             


Ken = 1 pk/39 yrs                  Pat = 2pks/39 yrs                Meta & Rick 15 & 20 yrs

Quit date:  9/25/06                  Quit date:  6/4/07                Quit together 8/06/07



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